US Economic & CRE Outlook Webcast: A Big Fat Pause in the Recovery

US Economic & CRE Outlook Webcast: A Big Fat Pause in the Recovery

September 6, 2012 Off By Chris

For those of you who were not able to attend, and for anyone who is just tuning in, I am delighted to share our recent webcast, US Economic & CRE Outlook: A Big Fat Pause in the Recovery. The guided webcast gave me the chance to provide a glimpse of our perspective on relevant trends in the macro economy as it pertains to property markets.

Touching on a few significant factors that contributed to the recent slowdown in consumer spending – the notion of the fiscal cliff, tax increases and US policy changes – We explain key factors playing a role in the state of today’s economy. Weighing details of both the public and private sectors, we also suggest why the fiscal cliff reaches beyond the government, causing, what we like to call, a big fat pause in economic recovery. Throughout the presentation, Kevin Thorpe shares a comprehensive look at how the debt-ceiling, home sales and future job growth affect commercial real estate including the office, industrial and investment sectors.

For a full view of this in-depth discussion of the state of today’s economy and the commercial real estate outlook, watch the complete webcast here:

 What do you think are the most prevalent issues facing the U.S. economy?