US Office Workforce Patterns Post Pandemic

US Office Workforce Patterns Post Pandemic

May 26, 2023 Off By Chris

I read a recent report that came out in May on patterns of today’s office workforce in five major U.S. cities. The cities that they covered were Boston, Chicago, Houston, New York, and San Francisco. The company that did the report is provides location analytics including visit trends, trade areas, and demographics to name a few.

There were five key takeaways in this report.

  • The Tuesday to Thursday on-site work week is showing longevity.
  • Workplace visitation patterns vary widely across cities and professional sectors.
  • Ease of access is key.
  • One-person households account for a disproportionate share of employee visits – while parents seem to be staying home.
  • Bring on the craft beer.

In addition to the report, I’m seeing more and more people headed back to the office, in fact, I have heard that some renters are moving to get back closer to their offices because their employers are demanding that they return to the office. Currently, the visits to office buildings is around 60% of what it was pre-Covid and I think that we will see this increase as we get closer to the end of the year. I look forward to seeing if this actually happens.

To read the entire report, click below.