2014 Reasons to be Optimistic in 2014

2014 Reasons to be Optimistic in 2014

January 15, 2014 Off By Chris

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For many of us, 2013 ended up closing with less than stellar results.  Will 2014 be a better year?  We share our perspective on why 2014 may be a better year for the commercial real estate market. We weren’t able to come up 2014 reasons to be optimistic but enclosed we share 10 reasons to be looking up in 2014.  Our infographic is attached in case you want to download it for the stats on why we are positive for 2014.

Our top 10 reasons to be optimistic for 2014 are:

10.) Housing Engine is Just Getting Started

9.) America’s Energy Boom

8.) Tech Cycle Still Has Legs

7.) GDP Getting Stronger

6.) More Confident Consumers

5.) Fed Likes What It Sees

4.) Job Growth

3.) Risk of Recession Low

2.) Better Balance Sheets

1.) Fiscal Drag Fades

10 Reasons to be Optimistic Infographic link:

USOFfIndQ42013 Infographic