Inspiration for your 2020 goals

Inspiration for your 2020 goals

February 15, 2020 Off By Chris

I thought it would be nice to deviate from the regular content for this post to check in on your goals for 2020. Most of us professionals set goals each year and find it a challenge to stay on tract for the whole year. I know that we are only approximately 45 days into 2020 but I recently re-read the story about an athlete who set some lofty goals and had to dig deep to hit those goals and I thought it might be helpful to highlight that story now in hopes to inspire all of you to keep pushing for 2020.

The story is about a runner who set her sights on the London Marathon. The runner’s name is Hayley Carruthers and by day, she is a nurse, but she’s also an avid runner. Hayley used a coach to help her get ready for the marathon. When asked about her performance she talked about the mental side and what was going on in her head and how to view your challenges. Hayley’s comment was, “My coach also does research on Sports Psychology at the University of Wolverhamption and so it is something we have always worked on. I think I am naturally highly motivated and so it’s about developing strategies that let me harness that motivation and get the most out of myself when the physical sensations are unpleasant. We talk a lot about reframing those feelings from a negative like “this is painful” to something more positive like “I want to be working hard, this is how it should feel.”

Perhaps this little trick can be a useful tool for you as you move closer to your 2020 goals. If you are having trouble staying on track, find a way to rephrase how you’re talking to yourself about these goals. Use Hayley’s suggestion and rephrase how you’re talking to yourself so it’s positive and see if it helps you push through the obstacles in life.

To read more about Hayley and her race, read the brief post on Strava’s blog.