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Posted by Chris Comments Off on Fiscal Cliff Impact Scenarios for Commercial Real Estate

On Friday December 14th, Cassidy Turley released research examining the impending “fiscal cliff’s” impact on commercial real estate markets across the country. In this post, the fiscal cliff is defined and several scenarios are discussed. We also take our market research platform and discuss the impact to 30 different markets across the country. You can download the report by following the link or you can read the summary in this post. As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Posted by Chris Comments Off on Heads Up! Property Upgrade Tax Code Changed

April is here and we’ve all got taxes on the brain. Beginning this year, there are new IRS rules that affect how you treat repairs or improvements of your real estate or tangible property. Companies who acquire, maintain, improve or replace tangible property (which is just about everyone) need to be aware of the changes. According to a recent CFO Magazine article on the subject, one key issue is the characterization of upgrades to your property as “repairs” which can […]

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Posted by Chris Comments Off on Your Lease/Balance Sheet Will Soon Be Related

Accounting Standards – What’s The Latest? As a CEO or CFO, keeping an eye on the progress of the Global Accounting Standards topic will help you position your company and preserve its value. Specifically regarding your corporate real estate, an understanding of the discussion around the re-characterization of leases will benefit you in your leasing decisions. The changes being proposed primarily affect public companies but there will be a modified standard for smaller, non-public companies which is referred to as “Private-Company GAAP”.

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Posted by Chris Comments Off on Tenant Improvements & Tax Consequences

Have you ever negotiated a real estate lease, only to find later that the incentives the landlord gave to induce you to lease became taxable as income to your company? Whether you’ve experienced this in the past or would like to avoid it in the future, this post is for you.

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