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Posted by Chris Comments Off on Owner/User Buyers – Back in the Market!

Major advantages to the buying decision are flexibility, agility and possible gain on the value of a building asset. A company with good credit that purchases a building, leases it to themselves and then places it on the market for sale can potentially achieve a substantial profit.

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Currently I have been working on several purchase requirements and as I read a recent article from our Research Director I found it very relevant. In the article, Garrick Brown discusses some of what is happening in the investment markets. I would agree that investors are both looking for yield but they are also still very adverse to risk. This is still creating a lot of demand for core assets. If you are willing to take risk then you’ll look outside of the core to increase your yield but if you are not willing to take risk then it can be difficult to achieve an acceptable return. For a good read on some current trends in the investment market, read the enclosed article on Searching for Yield…

Posted by Chris Comments Off on Fiscal Cliff Impact Scenarios for Commercial Real Estate

On Friday December 14th, Cassidy Turley released research examining the impending “fiscal cliff’s” impact on commercial real estate markets across the country. In this post, the fiscal cliff is defined and several scenarios are discussed. We also take our market research platform and discuss the impact to 30 different markets across the country. You can download the report by following the link or you can read the summary in this post. As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Posted by Chris Comments Off on Your Lease/Balance Sheet Will Soon Be Related

Accounting Standards – What’s The Latest? As a CEO or CFO, keeping an eye on the progress of the Global Accounting Standards topic will help you position your company and preserve its value. Specifically regarding your corporate real estate, an understanding of the discussion around the re-characterization of leases will benefit you in your leasing decisions. The changes being proposed primarily affect public companies but there will be a modified standard for smaller, non-public companies which is referred to as “Private-Company GAAP”.

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Should you race for space? Russ Banham of CFO Magazine thinks so. He very eloquently points out in his article entitled Space Race that “the weak commercial real estate market presents opportunities for significant savings.” He engages several experts in the commercial real estate industry to make seven specific recommendations for CFOs to consider when evaluating their corporation’s real estate. His recommendations are below along with my brokerage perspective. Use a commercial real estate broker to leverage the market conditions to your advantage. Banham is […]

Posted by Chris Comments Off on Delay in Accounting Changes Expected

After eight years as chairman of the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB), Robert Herz, is retiring October 1. This comes two years prior to the scheduled end of his term and at a time when nine exposure drafts are awaiting public comment. Among them are those on lease accounting, fair value measurements and revenue recognition – all of which will change the commercial real estate industry should they take effect. The board is also expanding to seven members from its current five meaning that […]

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Posted by Chris Comments Off on Change In Accounting Rules Impacts Commercial Real Estate

The U.S. Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) has been working to integrate its standards with those used internationally. It is therefore considering changes to accounting rules that would impact how businesses report commercial real estate leases on their balance sheets. The article below describes the proposed accounting standard, outlines the implications for businesses and for the broader commercial real estate industry, and answers some of the commonly asked questions regarding the proposed FASB changes. Insights: Lease Accounting Changes

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