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  • I recently ran across an article in Forbes magazine (see article here) on real estate market and they asked whether or not the market will continue to go up. They noted that investors have been spoiled by two decades of double digit returns. According to the article, in 2016, the market saw a change of pace as returns on institutional-grade properties fell below a 20 year 10.1% average for the first time since the Great Recession. While it’s logical to […]

  • Rents aren’t the only thing on the rise, the increase of tenant improvement costs are also on the rise and they do effect new lease deals. I share a recent report that I received from a Bay Area construction company to pass along where full build out improvement costs are coming in at in three Bay Area regions. In addition to the costs of tenant improvements, I also point out how recent code changes are one of the areas contributing to the increases in tenant improvement costs. Click on this post to see the rest of the article and the Bay Area tenant improvement cost report.

  • The pendulum is about to swing to occupiers. We have been in a Landlord favorable market for months now and occupiers have been feeling pinched when looking for or renewing their leases.  Most of the market cycles in the past 15 years have favored the occupier but that hasn’t been the case recently.  Rents have risen and vacancy is low but that is about to change.  We have seen vacancy inching upward in the past several quarters and rent growth is slowing down and it appears that occupiers will start to build some leverage over the next 12 months.

  • New Lease Accounting Rules The new lease accounting rules will fundamentally change the way leases are recognized on a company’s financial statements. For companies that report under International Financial Reporting Standards (i.e. non U.S. companies), the new rules apply for 2019.  For U.S. companies, the introduction of the new U.S. GAAP rules is being phased in with public companies adopting in 2019 and private organizations in 2020. These new rules will impact all future leasing decisions such as acquisitions, renewals […]

  • The Veteran’t day weekend was a great end to the annual car show season.  Weather was great and there were many cars out for the last Pleasanton Goodguys show of 2017.  I hope you all had a nice enjoyable weekend and hopefully you were able to spend some time with a veteran in your family or one that you know. Thanks to all the veterans and active service members that have served this great country and who are currently out […]

  • To all of those that have served our country, I want to say thank you for your service.  I hope everyone is able to attend something this weekend that honors our vets.  I will be at the Goodguys car show in Pleasanton.  There is a lot going on there for vets and I also plan to stop by the Veterans Hall in Danville as they have a lot going on over there as well. Here is a link for the […]

  • Do you have an upcoming lease that is going to expire within the next 18 months? Planning for your next lease expiration takes time and the planning process can give you an edge. See the full blog post to understand why you need to plan so far in advance.

  • Trying to save money for your company? Our latest macro forecast will give you an edge by shedding light on how things are shaping up for 2017 and into 2018. This article should be helpful to both Corporations and Investors/Users looking to make thoughtful and calculated real estate decisions over the next 12-18 months.

  • Despite an intense domestic political environment, the U.S. economy and the property markets continue to perform well. Click on the link to see the whole post and the attached report.

  • The US economy and property markets withstood a very turbulent 2016 and they are positioned to perform well in 2017. See the rest of the post and our National Forecast Report for January 2017.

Trump: Impact on the U.S. Economy and the Property Markets

Posted by Chris On November - 28 - 2016 Comments Off on Trump: Impact on the U.S. Economy and the Property Markets

So the elections are final. We have a new president. Take a look at our report to see how this might play out for the commercial real estate markets in the upcoming years.

Healthy Economy Requires Updated Real Estate Strategy

Posted by Chris On May - 17 - 2016 Comments Off on Healthy Economy Requires Updated Real Estate Strategy

Cushman & Wakefield published the U.S. Macro Forecast this month with promising news. Many key factors in the overall health of our economy are pointing to U.S. GDP growth accelerating. As an intelligent tenant, I always recommend you meet with a broker at least 12-14 months prior to your lease expiration. In today’s climate you can expect to find fewer options available to you, rents that are higher than what you are currently paying and longer term requirements from landlords, 3-5 years at a minimum.

DTZ merges with Cushman & Wakefield

Posted by Chris On October - 16 - 2015 Comments Off on DTZ merges with Cushman & Wakefield

The new Cushman & Wakefield, a global leader in commercial real estate services, has successfully completed the merger between Cushman & Wakefield and DTZ. The new Cushman & Wakefield draws on the best of both legacy organizations to create one of the world’s largest real estate services firms.

Mid Q2-2015 Market Update – Fewer Options Means We Need to Hunt For Good Opportunities

Posted by Chris On May - 29 - 2015 Comments Off on Mid Q2-2015 Market Update – Fewer Options Means We Need to Hunt For Good Opportunities

Whether you are a tenant or a buyer, you have challenges. As the markets continue to improve it feels like we need to hunt more to find good opportunities for our clients. Net Operating Income for commercial real estate is on the rise which is one more indicator of a improving market place where values are rising.

2015 U.S. and N. California Forecast

Posted by Chris On March - 3 - 2015 Comments Off on 2015 U.S. and N. California Forecast

DTZ hosted our annual State of Real Estate event in San Francisco again this year. Chief Economist, Kevin Thorpe, shared his research, data and forecast for 2015 both nationally and for Northern California.

Cassidy Turley is now DTZ!

Posted by Chris On January - 7 - 2015 Comments Off on Cassidy Turley is now DTZ!

Throughout the end of last year, change has been in the works here at Cassidy Turley. In November 2014, we were purchased by a private equity firm who also acquired an internationally known tenant representation firm DTZ. With the merging of our two companies under the new private equity ownership, we will now be the third largest commercial real estate company in the world taking the name DTZ as our own. As an Intelligent Tenant, this will positively impact you…

Cassidy Turley’s CRE 2015 Watch List

Posted by Chris On September - 19 - 2014 Comments Off on Cassidy Turley’s CRE 2015 Watch List

Cassidy Turley has recently published its video Commercial Real Estate Watch List for 2015. Topics include Interest Rates, Midterm Elections, Manufacturing in the U.S. and Student Loan Debt. Click on Read Full Story below for an overview and to watch the video.

E-Commerce Tenant Demand

Posted by Chris On August - 28 - 2014 Comments Off on E-Commerce Tenant Demand

E-Commerce companies are becoming a powerful force in logistics based real estate decisions. Logistics based decisions are made with the logistics of a company’s consumer base at the forefront of the location selection. If you are in the market to lease a traditional distribution facility, you will find these companies in competition with you for space. If e-commerce distribution is a part your business, the information provided here may give you insight as to where you fit in the continuum of the growth process.

Q2 Northern CA Snapshot-Markets are up

Posted by Chris On July - 28 - 2014 Comments Off on Q2 Northern CA Snapshot-Markets are up

The Bay Area’s office and industrial markets remain white hot; occupancy growth has exploded this year: Year to date occupancy growth for office space now stands at 2.6 million square feet. Regional vacancy fell for the 17th consecutive quarter and now stands at 11.3% The warehouse sector recorded nearly two million square feet of occupancy growth in Q2; local vacancy now stands at just 5.6% Both the office and warehouse sectors may set records in 2014; office occupancy is on […]

Owner/User Buyers – Back in the Market!

Posted by Chris On April - 27 - 2014 Comments Off on Owner/User Buyers – Back in the Market!

Major advantages to the buying decision are flexibility, agility and possible gain on the value of a building asset. A company with good credit that purchases a building, leases it to themselves and then places it on the market for sale can potentially achieve a substantial profit.