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Cushman & Wakefield’s U.S. Macro Forecast

By Chris

Trying to save money for your company? Our latest macro forecast will give you an edge by shedding light on how things are shaping up for 2017 and into 2018. This article should be helpful to both Corporations and Investors/Users looking to make thoughtful and calculated real estate decisions over the next 12-18 months.

May 15, 2017 Off

US Macro Forecast May 2017

By Chris

Despite an intense domestic political environment, the U.S. economy and the property markets continue to perform well. Click on the link to see the whole post and the attached report.

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US Macro Forecast January 2017

By Chris

The US economy and property markets withstood a very turbulent 2016 and they are positioned to perform well in 2017. See the rest of the post and our National Forecast Report for January 2017.

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Healthy Economy Requires Updated Real Estate Strategy

By Chris

Cushman & Wakefield published the U.S. Macro Forecast this month with promising news. Many key factors in the overall health of our economy are pointing to U.S. GDP growth accelerating. As an intelligent tenant, I always recommend you meet with a broker at least 12-14 months prior to your lease expiration. In today’s climate you can expect to find fewer options available to you, rents that are higher than what you are currently paying and longer term requirements from landlords, 3-5 years at a minimum.

October 16, 2015 Off

DTZ merges with Cushman & Wakefield

By Chris

The new Cushman & Wakefield, a global leader in commercial real estate services, has successfully completed the merger between Cushman & Wakefield and DTZ. The new Cushman & Wakefield draws on the best of both legacy organizations to create one of the world’s largest real estate services firms.

March 3, 2015 Off

2015 U.S. and N. California Forecast

By Chris

DTZ hosted our annual State of Real Estate event in San Francisco again this year. Chief Economist, Kevin Thorpe, shared his research, data and forecast for 2015 both nationally and for Northern California.

January 7, 2015 Off

Cassidy Turley is now DTZ!

By Chris

Throughout the end of last year, change has been in the works here at Cassidy Turley. In November 2014, we were purchased by a private equity firm who also acquired an internationally known tenant representation firm DTZ. With the merging of our two companies under the new private equity ownership, we will now be the third largest commercial real estate company in the world taking the name DTZ as our own. As an Intelligent Tenant, this will positively impact you…

September 19, 2014 Off

Cassidy Turley’s CRE 2015 Watch List

By Chris

Cassidy Turley has recently published its video Commercial Real Estate Watch List for 2015. Topics include Interest Rates, Midterm Elections, Manufacturing in the U.S. and Student Loan Debt. Click on Read Full Story below for an overview and to watch the video.